Dengue. A tropical viral disease transmitted by a mosquito, a kind named Aedes Egypti.  Just like with a ‘regular’ mosquito, it is only the female kind that is thirsty for blood and will thus transmit the disease.

The symptoms of dengue are many, which will complicate the diagnosis. About 3 – 14 days after the little vampire has striken, the first symptoms will appear. A high fever which lasts for about a week is the main symptom, accompanied by sever headaches just behind the eyes. A rash, enlarged lymph nodes and a sore throat may also appear, however this is not very typical for dengue and may occur with many other viral infections as well.

Amongst the other diseases that may cause dengue-like symptoms are mononucleosis infectiosa, HIV,

To prevent dengue it is very important to cover any naked bodyparts at all times, not just at night, when most other mosquito species are active, but specifically during the day, when the dengue mosquito will most likely attack. Always use a high percentage bug spray which contains DEET.

In Brazil transgene mosquitos are being set free, which have been manipulated genetically. This genetic manipulation has warranted them the inability to deliver any offspring, since the baby mosquitos will die before they turn from larve into adult mosquito. Now let’s hope that these genetically modified male mosquitos will mate with their female dengue counterparts, and put an end to the dengue epidemic.

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